3 Ways To Get Positive Online Reviews



If you’re in business long enough, you should know that bad reviews are inevitable.

Everybody likes making an informed decision, especially when buying a product and today’s consumers, with so much data available to them, are quick to research products they intend to buy.

Your business won’t succeed in making every single customer happy, and some will voice their displeasure to the world.

Always remember that, how you deal with negative reviews will determine the impact they have on your business more than the bad reviews themselves.

One of the most effective ways to reduce the impact of negative reviews is to increase the number of positive ones.

Positive reviews can have a huge impact on your business ranging from improving your local SEO to boosting your conversions.

Here are some ways to have more positive reviews from your customers:

  1. Deliver an amazing customer experience:

    Focusing on customer experience isn’t just a good idea. It’s absolutely critical, especially if you want to build the foundation you need to ensure that you get your customers saying great things about you online. Be sure to provide your customers with great products and fantastic customer service, and they’ll often reward you with glowing reviews.

  2. Avoid trying to influence the reviewer:

    Customers don’t like to feel that they’re being used as free advertising for your business. When you ask for reviews, keep it wide open. Tell the customer you’d like their honest feedback and that anything they say will be appreciated.

    While you absolutely should be asking for reviews, you should NEVER ask for a good review. Instead, ask for an honest review.

  3. Use passive reminders to encourage customers to review:

    You can use passive tools in your place of business to increase compliance with review requests. For example, try a sign that says “Please review us” placed near the exit. Put links to review sites on your website.These reminders shouldn’t replace active review requests, but you can use them to drive home the point: that you want and value feedback. Customers that are reminded of your request are more likely to actually write a review.

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