After the First Sale


Excited woman with a laptopThere is always this buzzing feeling you get after your first sale.

You feel even more elated when it is your first sale ever!!!

So after that ‘rush’….that excitement….that thrill…how do you get the customer to come back for more?

Reality check – repeat business and referrals are a great way to grow the business… what do you do?

Lets explore a few ways to keep the customers coming back…and hopefully, sustain that thrill.

  1. Great customer service: First impressions they say last long…dazzle every customer and potential customer with great customer service. This leaves a pleasant memory that may help with future referrals.
  2. Stay in touch: Keep your eyes open for future customers but don’t forget your current customers — loyalty is often rewarded.
  3. Reduce the Buyer’s Remorse effect: After a purchase, some people do get buyer’s remorse and may feel a sense of regret. There are various reasons this may occur ranging from fear of how others may perceive their need for that purchase (acceptability to others), amount paid for the item, ability to pay back (if bought on credit) etc.Reduce this feeling of remorse that your buyers may face by delivering beyond expectation¬†and keeping in touch with the buyer even after the sales.We may need to look more closely on this in future blog posts.
  4. Remind customers of everything you offer: Staying in touch and sending messages to create awareness on other products you sell is important.
  5. Cross selling: Remember those items that go very well together? Those beautiful pair of shoes that complement that clutch bag? Or maybe that box of chocolate that is perfect for that lovely wine bottle (its valentine season after all….*wink*). Find items that complement each other and send as great ideas to your customers.
  6. Ask for referrals: Referrals are a business owner’s best friend and perhaps the best affirmation of customer satisfaction. When the opportunity presents itself, ask customers for referrals.

    ASK….and you may just receive.

See, it’s ALL connected….be nice, stay in touch, go the extra mile and be visible…your customers may come back again…and hopefully, with a some friends.

Have fun.

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