Most online business owners have regular 9 – 5 jobs. Their mindset is, have a side business that they can build and eventually fall back on then its time to retire or a change is needed.

But thinking as an employee and as an entrepreneur are not the same thing and the way we continuously think determines the results we get.

The question is, how would one transition from being the worker to becoming the boss? Yes, as we fondly like to call it in these parts,’Oga at the Top’.

To get the best results in your business as the ‘Oga at the Top’ (an entrepreneur), here are a few things to remember:

  1. YOU ARE IN CHARGE and must make things happen. Gone are the days when you are led by someone else’s vision…now you must make things happen and live with the consequences of your decisions whether right or wrong.Simply put, as the ‘Oga at the Top’, you do not have the luxury of being able to dodge responsibilities: this is YOUR business and YOU are the one to face the music (even if it is unpleasant).
  2. Be passionate about your business (even if no one else is).
  3. The only thing that can limit you is you. Drop every self-imposed limitation and strive to see past others around you.Let your fears motivate you into succeeding. Be sure to take risks, adopt a thick skin and push on even in adversity.
  4. Understand your figures because your cash flow is what will keep you in – or out of – business. Ultimately, it’s your sales, costs, profit and loss that will either give you sleepless nights or an enviable lifestyle. But without the guiding light of numbers, your business will be continually heading for the rocks.
  5. Saying ‘NO’ helps sometimes. You are no longer that staff that needs to say ‘yes’ to every task assigned (just because you want to fit in, impress the boss, show competency or be a team player). As the boss, your time is valuable and you need to learn to prioritize it.

But don’t try and transform yourself all at once. Place emphasis on just one or two areas at a time and work to improve in these. Then continually monitor your performance, so that you become more aware of when you are falling back into old ways of thinking.

Be consistent, and over time you will find that your mindset is no longer that of an employee but of the ‘Oga at the Top’ (in this case, the true entrepreneur).



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