How to Reduce Cart Abandonment

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Now this is the scenario: Someone visits a site, plays around for a while and probably sees a few nice things to purchase. Starts adding them into the shopping cart….and just like that…moves on to other things.

The customer does not complete the purchase process he / she started. The cart has been abandoned, AGAIN!!!

Abandoned carts is one of the many problems faced by e-commerce site owners. Truth is, people browse through online stores almost the same way that they window shop when in physical stores.

So what are some of the reasons why people abandon their carts?

Hidden charges like being presented with extra charges (eg. shipping / handling charge)
Confusion: Unclear steps when placing an order
Impatience: this may occur when your site takes too much time to load, too many forms to fill or too many info being required etc
Caution: Most online shoppers are cautious about disclosing their personal information, especially when it comes to the credit card details. They will easily become suspicious if too many information is requested from them. Let’s face it, your brand may not be as renowned as the big stores, and even customers get cautious with those.

Since shopping cart abandonment remains a major e-commerce concern, here are a few tips to help reduce it:

  1. Be transparent with your prices: Ensure that there are no hidden fees and restrictions. Display all costs before asking the customer for payment information.
  2. Website progess bar with four stepsHave clear process steps for placing orders: By using progress indicators that show the process steps, the customers can easily know the number of steps involved and the stage they are in. Be sure to reduce the number of steps. The shorter the steps, the better.
  3. Simplify registration: Allow customers to buy without registering. If that is not an option, keep the registration form as simple as possible. Only ask for information that you really need. Make the form less intimidating by hiding the parts of the form that are not required at that point of time.
  4. Boost customer’s confidence: Inspire your customers to pay online by reassuring them that any personal information will be handled in the most secure way possible. That your customer’s information will be used for internal purposes only and not shared outside your company.You can also include 3rd party reinforcement logos to remind them that the payment portal is secure.
  5. Communicate your return policy: If your customer knows that you will stand behind the purchase if there is any problem, that’s one less obstacle to overcome to complete the sale.
  6. Show them you are a real company: Make sure your contact information is as visible as possible. You will thus gain their confidence and allow them to call for information or even to place orders. Read more tips on how to create a sense of trust.
  7. Allow them to choose the payment method: If you can handle more than one payment method, let the customers know. Some feel more comfortable paying with their cards; others prefer cash on delivery. Make it clear that you can handle everyone’s preference.
  8. Keep the customers focused: Don’t distract their attention with unnecessary flash banners. There is no place for them on the order pages, unless they are directly related to the initial purchase.
  9. Manage errors: As much as possible, prevent errors, but when they do occur (because they would), manage them properly.When technical errors occur, ensure that you have a suitable error message that gives enough details and proper help links to the buyer. Having a vague error message will certainly cause suspicion on the site and may drive the buyers away.
    When handling customers after such errors occur, ensure that you make it sound like it’s your fault, and not theirs. Try to use a tone that will encourage them to check and re-enter the erroneous information; do not make them feel frustrated and leave your site.



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