Online Nigeria: 10 Basics of Setting Up an Online Store

1. Thou shalt be called:naira-currency-med

Pick a business name that will accurately reflect your product online

2. Prepare your online store

Don’t underestimate the importance of a solid foundation:

  • your online shop should have a company logo
  • have a clearly defined business description
  • list out all of your product information
  • take quality images of your product hat accurately shows your merchandise.


3. Build your store:

Like it or not, you can build your online store exactly how you would like it to look. and it’s not just about a pretty website, make sure everything works (functionality). As a Nigerian business owner, you are not allowed to have a dodgy website (potential customers will run). Build a quality website to reflect the quality of what you are selling.

4. User friendly product categories:

When visitors eventually visit your site, make shopping easy for your visitors. How your product category is setup can either annoy or please your customers. You don’t want them going around in circles because you online store isn’t properly set up.

5. Set up a payment method:

Are you going with cashless Nigeria hype or are you offering pay on delivery, make sure you have a reliable payment method that handles online payments.

6. Impeccable customer service:

People (especially Nigerians) don’t care how good your merchandise is. If you are offering awful customer service you will be out of business before you know it; total package is selling the good stuff and backing it up with fantastic customer service. Here’s a tip: be very clear what your policies are to avoid any surprises. and do you have a USP (unique selling preposition)? Are you willing to do something extra ordinary to ensure customer satisfaction? Let them know!

7. Promote your online shop:

There are different ways to drive traffic to your online shop. Becoming a social media addict for the sake of your online shop is just one of the many ways of getting traffic. The goal is to make your site known; make sure you are in everyone’s faces. Promoting your site through social media: increases sales, drives traffic to your site, it also helps you build a community around your brand. (shssh!….don’t tell anyone).

8. Record your progress:

It’s important to track the progress of your online shop by going over your statistics and analyzing what worked and didn’t work.

9. Update constantly:

Don’t be nervous when it comes to trying something new with your online shop (offer sale specials), add more products. Keep your customers guessing.

10. Be patient:

When it comes to selling, customers just don’t turn up over night, it takes a lot of patience and hard work on your path to get and retain customers. They will come. just keep at it.

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