Retailers Guide To Preparing For The Holidays

mannequins in fashionable dresses

mannequins in fashionable dresses


Wow, the year is almost over and as usual, the holiday frenzy will hit both consumers and retailers. The jingles will be on the radio, TV and our ever busy commercial streets (Eko, Idumota, Allen etc) and everyone would be in the holiday spirits.

Yes, it is that time of the year when people express love by shopping for everyone (and themselves); from family to friends to neighbours to bosses to business associates and many more. And of course, some people use this opportunity to do a complete makeover, from clothes to household items, furniture, you name it.

Common wisdom says the holidays are a time when businesses shut down. The reality is, it’s the best time to make money. People are more relaxed, in a good mood, more willing to spend, and have time.

As a smart retailer, this is the one period you can cover for some dwindling sales that you may have experienced or not (depending on what the financial year has been for you). After all, there are figures pointing to the fact that up to 40 percent of annual retail revenue is dependent on the holiday shopping season.


Download a copy of our free guide for some tips to get you prepared to help boost sales during the holidays and beyond.

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