Start NOW, Not Later

Embarrassed woman in a party hat correcting an year on a New Year Resolutions list, EPS 8 vector illustrationAt the start of a new year, people come up with various resolutions.

A popular new year’s resolution is usually for people to ‘do more’.

It is generally agreed that they do this to get more out of their lives, work, family etc…

But to get more, we need to do more……and its not just about having SMART goals but SMARTER goals; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound, Evaluate & Readjust.

They say that failure to plan is planning to fail but too many people get stuck at the planning stage and never seem to do anything.

The smartest ones in the classroom aren’t usually the ones making things happen. They sometimes tend to think and plan too much without doing much else. It may be because of the fear of the unknown, or getting too comfortable in that planning phase (let’s not spend too much time dwelling on this though).

Ever had a wonderful idea and spend months / years thinking about it and not really doing anything about it, only to find out that someone else has implemented something similar and succeeding with it?

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in planning and encourage everyone to use that concept of: PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT

But lets start to do more from now on. Stop procrastinating…stop listing all the reasons why you can’t start that business idea now or break that barrier…just stop giving excuses….act now, not later.

The freshness of the new year ushers in a time to wipe the slates and start over. If last year was not great for you, now’s the time to start over. If last year was great for you, start over this year by building on that.

And if you have been contemplating getting an online store…ACT NOW!!!

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