‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

Jolly Santa Claus and reindeerSo Christmas is nearly here, another year almost over. The holidays is about people coming together, it’s about a time of union, love and being happy. It should be a time for looking back at the year gone by, a time of letting go and a time of fun and laughter.

It is very important as a store owner to have this spirit of warmth reflect through out your store and all your activities this season.

And it starts with the look and feel of your store.

Quick question: Is your store filled with holiday themed elements?

Your entire store should project that atmosphere of love and fun and be such that people will feel like giving. And it is this pull that hopefully translates into conversions.

Do remember that you should also give back to the customers. Click here for more tips for the holiday season.

Now, various things to consider on your online store to achieve this holiday feel include:

  1. The colour to use: Every holiday traditionally has dominant colours. Ensure that you do not overdo this because it can be distracting.
  2. Add holiday themed background image.
  3. Include holiday themed carousel / banner images. They can be sliding images showing the different types of deals you are offering.
  4. Holiday themed logos: You can also redesign your logo to have holiday themed ornaments, for example, have your logo put on the Santa hat or something very creative.
  5. Your ‘Feature Item’ list must have lots of holiday-related items.
  6. Have creative images showing holiday deals like ‘Up to 30% off’.
  7. Holiday Gift guide link in your header page.
  8. Have a “Deal of the Day” promo for lots of holiday themed items.
  9. Having a portion for finding gifts for people or “gift finders” is also a good trend.


Our FREE gift to you this season should help you create that spirit of the holidays everyone fondly craves for.

Our creative artists have designed beautiful holiday themed carousel images that you can use in your store.

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Have a Jolly Holiday Season in Advance!!!

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